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he did so because he was begged by them and they showed him the money and support. Ron ended his relationship with the republican party after reagan went against his oath and enlarged gvt but he never actually joined the L party. In 1988 Ron ran as their candidate- nothing more. He did not become Libertarian and in 1996 ron was elected once again to represent district 22 as a republican and has remained a republican ever since.

other then running on the ticket ron has really had no ties to the libertarian party except through certain relationships he has. he has these same relationships with libs, greens, and constitutionalists also, but remains republican.
dont get me wrong, when referred to as a "Libertarian" to his face, Ron never corrects the offender- BUT no one has ever heard nor will they hear ron paul say he is Libertarian or even Libertarian leaning.
what he says is "libertarian, to me- means liberty. and so does Liberal." but thats ALL he says on either subject.
He will never admit or deny anything- hes too sly to alienate followers from these groups but he claims himself a "constitutional conservative" and so does rand.
libs and libertarians have always wanted ron paul but ron does not agree with either of those platforms and ron is abhorrent to est in both those movements!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016