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yes. but ron still would never cave to dennis kucinich priciples they see they constitution differently and ron is smart enough to know dennis holds very little in common with paul when it comes to philosophies. ron would choose a constitioonal scholar, one who has been around gvt and has won legal cases and knows constitutional law- and views it like he does.
after DK sold out in AF 1, I dont think ron really wants anything to do with him.
Ron fought very hard with dennis on blocking obamacare and dennis had the chance to bring it to the floor- and he caved BIG TIME.
It barely floated to the senate. and to prove it harry and the white house were calling it a mandate, so harry did not have to put it back to the house for reconciliation. so they called it a mandate.
then when it went before the supreme court the admin and harry started calling it a tax. they flipped it and no one was the wiser.
Roberts agreed it was a tax and it became law, but did so unconstitutionally when it was not sent back to the house for reconciliation. harry knew it would never pass after the senate put their two cents in.. so they called it a mandate and put it to obamas desk.. all taxes are suppose to originate in the house and must follow proper procedure and go back to the house for reconciliation. the admin, with the help of dennis kucinich passed this tax illegally and dennis had the power to stop them and instead caved and said NOTHING after a ride in AF 1.

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