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Comment: Rand will not fool the Neocons

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Rand will not fool the Neocons

If this performance of Rand's is all a ruse, well, then we'll all be pleasantly surprised, but that is doubtful. Besides, I don't think one could get away with it. The RINOS & DEMS know their own kind too well to be fooled by that.

And, if Rand really is a Neocon, well, then, what a friggin' traitor he was campaigning for his dad in 2007, when I met him~~~all the while being a Warmonger, a Military Industrial Complex operative, if you will.

I am no sympathizer of Rand Paul. You see, if he had had these opinions, it would have been "ok" as a son of Dr. Paul~~~on his own and by himself~~~but the minute he started being involved with Ron's campaigning was the nano-second he set himself up as a TRUE BELIEVER of Ron's philosophies.

So, I have NO use for the likes of Rand Paul. Happy he'll cast a proverbial vote our way now & then, but that's it. It's no different than garnishing a vote from Barney Frank now. Let them have their "parties". Essentially, all 600 Congressmen & Senators are political prostitutes for the elites.

Only 5 of our politicians voted against the sanctions against Iran, against the Banking Bailouts & Stimulus spending bills, against the Patriot Act, and against the NDAA bill. ONLY 5!