Comment: I admire that you are contemplating right and wrong

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I admire that you are contemplating right and wrong

Already above and beyond most people in this world. Personally I would say it is not your "property" if you cannot do with it as you please, so it would be wrong to interfere.
However... I would also say that freedom ONLY works when people are held responsible for their actions. I.e. If they burn down their neighbors property, will the courts hold them accountable for damages? I'm not familiar with the protocol for such situations in our backwards society.
I do not like the idea of preventative law, as this is how all unjust laws are justified. For instance, just because you are afraid someone will do something stupid if they are free to do so could justify locking everyone away in cages. But, given our rediculous "justice system", people may not be held responsible for their actions, and that makes this situation more muddled. Sorry, I don't see a clear cut answer, but if it were me I probably wouldn't interfere.