Comment: The MSM is spewing propaganda on Syria

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The MSM is spewing propaganda on Syria

You can tell because there are "REPORTS" that chemical weapons may "POSSIBLY" be used.

These "REPORTS" are being fed to the MSM by the state department among others. (As reported by the MSM)

Obama, Hillary, and Panetta are all lined up on this. You can tell there is no dissension.

Sounds like posturing for war. The media have also been speculating on possible airstrikes.

That is a good indication that the "REBELS" are losing, and losing badly so they are panicking and need an excuse to intervene.

If the powers that be lose this "war" they can't finish the Neo-Con middle east plan and attack Iran. This is a world war being played out in secret in one tiny little section of Syria, Aleppo. I feel bad for the Syrians caught up in this.

This could play out just like Libya.