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quote by me "If there is any

quote by me "If there is any hope to be found, its by taking the power away from the msm,the cheating voting machines, and waking people up!"

I do not want to sit there and do nothing. It is just that there are people who think that Rand, as things stand, has a chance in 2016. They think that him warming up to the establishment could be the thing that wins him the presidency. Never mind the corruption, cheating, media blackout. There are people who actually believe this.. dont believe me? Just read the DP.

Whoever it is we choose in 2016, if you want to truly win, your gonna have to start now. Start fighting the voting machine fraud and the power of the msm. Any man poised to change things for the better will not be let into the oval office unless we change things first.

Was this country's freedom won because George Washington or Patrick Henry compromised on Independence?