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Im not Anti Rand... I'm anti

Im not Anti Rand... I'm anti war, I'm anti debt, I'm anti Fed, I'm anti interventionism, I'm anti hypocrisy. Rand speaks very well, but his actions are proving otherwise. He needs to work to win the will of the people, not the politicians who contribute to our looming issues. He needs to know why he is there in the first place... and thats his father, If he likes it or not, because of his last name, he is going to be held to a high standard and as of now is not fulfilling it. Anyway, why the hostility? Someone has a different opinion and that a reason to tell them to go away? That attitude IS the problem... not holding politicians accountable for standing up to principal is not the issue.

I have a feeling there was a reason Ron said he "hopes Rand sticks to the principals of LIberty...." seems hes not certain.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...