Comment: despite your pull to hope to agitate..

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despite your pull to hope to agitate..

...atheism is an insane minority worldview...

Birds of a feather...the kid in the story had seen enough over the past 20 years of his life, and now he is only right in what he believes to be true now because, well, he just does!

He might change his mind later in life...discrimination? Whatever.

Does he know half of everything there is to know in the universe? Does he, or any of us know for certain no Creator exists, or, that He didn't honor our founders heartfelt sentiments that Americans ought to be given a shot at self governance because they believed We The People would obey and teach His moral precepts because they saw precedent in the world history they had already studied diligently and lived?

This debunking God part of the movement is such a stain that makes so many not take us seriously, let alone flies in the face of our purported goal to restore exemplary statesmanship back into representative government.

You guys enjoy yourselves with that "enlightenment" that there is no Creator because subscribers to the worlds religions are equally concerned about self preservation and crave security.