Comment: Stop with the Tesla nonsense already...

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Stop with the Tesla nonsense already...

I'm almost postive Michael Faraday discovered the principle of magnetic induction. Tesla invented the first practical INDUCTION MOTOR. Difference.

The motor on the bus very likely operates on the AC induction motor principle, but the method of charging the batteries has nothing to do with Tesla. Tesla did have a scheme involving the transmission of wireless energy, but it was long distance ( think ten miles ) and has nothing to do with the technology shown in this video.

Honestly I don't know why Tesla is constantly invoked on this website as some kind of diety who invented everything. It's a shame his legacy and story is so grossly obfuscated by people pushing pseudo-science and new age spiritualism.

There is no doubt that Tesla made huge advances in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. However; he was not a wizard or some kind of demigod. He was wrong about many things, and suffered from acute mental illness late in life.

No one who's seriously studied Tesla's life would disagree that he was actively conspired against by both th US government and his peers in academia. However; I don't see the point in making him out to be something he wasn't, or falsely attributing achievments to him. It's counter-productive, and stupid. Please stop.

Thank you.

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