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Isn't this idea fully extensible to everything else?

If we concede that the candidate can't be openly against the MIC to be politically viable, then just about every other status quo area will probably be accepted too.

e.g., "Don't you know how much money and power is in the financial sector? No viable politician can be openly against the Fed"

e.g., "Don't you know how many people depend on Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and social security? No viable politician can openly be against the social safety net"

E.g., "Don't you know the prisons, the pharma industry, the alcohol industry, the Christian, etc., are all for the War on Drugs?...."

and so forth until the viable "liberty" candidate is no longer a liberty candidate but the same POS who makes the ticket in every election.

The whole head/sand/fairyland/not-earth is looking pretty cozy. Worrying about winning elections is looking more delusional and fantasy-like to me if embracing war is the only path to victory.


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