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So then explain to me, in

So then explain to me, in your own words, what exactly vortex math is other than a simple observation that when using a base 10 number system (an arbitrary assumption from the universes POV, actually), there are neat little patterns that crop up.

"Now, I have asked, begged, cajoled, trying to get anyone who knows MORE than me about this to show me where they are wrong."

Wrong? what claim are they making that is novel in any way?
Remember how when you learned multiplication there were cute little rules to check your work. Like any time you multiply by 9, the digits will add up to 9, and if they don't, you made an error. There are lots of these little rules, some more complex than others. That is ALL this is. Nothing more.

It's like a bad version of the movie Pi (worth watching actually. But as ENTERTAINMENT not as "zomg i think this is a documentary that just unlocked the universe" sort of way).