Comment: Since the parents don't (or will not)

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Since the parents don't (or will not)

teach proper cell phone use and etiquette, perhaps the schools should. (at least it would be better than the sex education! IMO)

I have a cell phone (prepay) and I buy the minimum number of minutes just before it runs out. I never use all the minutes. It is mostly for emergency use, if I want to talk to someone for an extended time I will either visit them or call them on the land-line.

A friends daughter has had two (2) car wrecks while driving and texting, the first one almost killed her but she didn't learn anything from it!

At place where I was working for a couple of years there was a lady that came in once a week, and over the two year span she was always talking on her cell phone. I never knew when she was talking to me or the cell phone. Other people would come in to cash a check and when I asked for identification they would get mad about me interrupting their cell phone conversation. Unfortunately, my boss wouldn't let me hand their check back and say "Have a nice day!"