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You said: "However, DECIDING this is bunk without any rationale is not science, it is not open minded, it is not seeking truth."

That is the most bullsheit thing I have heard in this thread so far. I have a perfectly good rationale for dismissing this pseudoscience. It's called the laws of thermodynamics and electromagnetism. All the mystical BS Rodin and his pals spout might be able to convince you that his coils violate these laws, but anyone with even a modest knowledge of physics can see it is just a fancy electromagnet that does not generate any extra or "free" energy.

And yes, I dismiss HHO as well. Partially because it violates everything we know about thermodynamics, but mostly because anyone who claims to have built an engine which runs on HHO (IOW water) won't let it get examined by impartial skeptics. Is it because it only runs if you believe in it? Hogwash. Your claim that you ran a car on HHO for a year means nothing to me. I do not need to build a coil myself to understand this, nor do I need to build an HHO engine to understand this. That is the wondrous miracle of the transmission of knowledge. Everyone doesn't need to learn everything by experience. Much of what you learn, you can read about or have taught to you.

I am not being closed minded. I am taking the entire spectrum of things I have learned about this universe and how it works, and applying it to these claims of physics and electromagnetism, and am convinced it is false. In fact it is you who are being arrogant in this situation; insisting that anyone who dismisses these ideas must be closed-minded and resistant to what you consider truth. You need to be more open-minded and entertain the possibility that all of what you are talking about is just a hoax. If you can't do that, you are being closed-minded!