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Your own arrogance is astounding

And I'm not just talking about you pulling the "well above genius" card. You have made a claim which is non-falsifiable.

This coil has special properties.

It is just a fancy electromagnet.

That is being closed minded, you need to build one yourself in order to make such a conclusion.

Okay, give me a second... Here it is, I built it. It is just a fancy electromagnet.

You must have built it wrong.

You see? You've set up your ivory tower in such a way that nothing which can be said can be used against it. Your claims are non-falsifiable. All the while you keep making arrogant demands that someone prove your claims are wrong, when it simply cannot be done.

If you were actually "well above genius", you would know that the onus is on the builder of the coil to show that it has "special properties", not for us to prove that it doesn't. I've seen the videos. It's just a fancy electromagnet.