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You don't need them?


without them you are nothing. Your standards are of a compromising fool intent on playing along to get along and maintaining the status quo. If you wanted to have an argument how about present some facts, perhaps details on the expenses to show people that it is in fact on defence and not foreign occupations etc... No you have jack sh!t other then a nasty attitude and MIC war head up your arse. Dr Paul didn't get to where he is at by kissing the arse of the military industrial complex or compromising so saying that others aren't going to get far by sticking to their principals is RIDICULOUS.

Before I pass judgement on Rand I am going to read what's in the bill. And if it is all in fact for defence and nothing in there about occupying other countries I will refrain from the Rand bashing.

But again, fug you dude for telling people to leave. Who the hell are you....a nobody. Without this uncompromising crowd, your precious Rand would be nothing as well. Do yourself a favour and shut your mouth before you look like a bigger idiot.