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It is not one mis-speak, as you say

I am a math/numbers geek. I have been looking at patterns of things for the last forty years or more. With all of that, I do not claim to know much, but I can tell when I hear someone trying to make a big deal about a quirk of base 10 numbers. As I said in another post, their pattern doesn't hold in other bases. I'm sure you could find a different pattern that would work in each base, but that is meaningless in universal terms.

Incidentally, the original post said nothing about a coil, so I was looking at it purely from a mathematical point of view. And no, he doesn't adequately explain zero. If you want to say I'm not thinking in depth about this stuff, please respond to one of my posts discussing number bases, how their pattern doesn't work in other bases (I actually tried it in base 8 and base 12), and why it would be more profitable to look at natural numbers like pi.