Comment: How about that biased media?

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How about that biased media?

Because this article sticks completely to the facts right? Yeah, sure, let's look at the first "quote:"

" 'look...for children with potential hostile intent,' and if we find them, kill them." 'Said' the colonel.

Sure, he meant trying to kill. Because when you go to a bar on friday, and say you're looking for a hottie, you actually mean you want to rape and murder them. Great journalism.

And of course, when they saw three individuals digging, in a road, in a known IED emplacement area, they had NO IDEA they were children. Go look on youtube what the video feed from a UAV looks like and tell me if you know the difference between a young teenager and an adult from 10,000 feet. How do they know children were killed? Because their parents came to a base, reported the incident, told them they had kindly sent their children to gather fuel in a minefield.

How's this for the real story? "There were 316 documented cases of underage recruitment in the war last year, most of them attributed to the Taliban..." (Military Times) Think this war has become a waste of lives and money? Think its extending conflict and creating a deadlier world? Awesome, but maybe there isn't a need to make up war criminal stories so you can feel better about being such a great person protesting on the internet.