Comment: What is your goal?

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What is your goal?

The decisions you guys want Rand to make would ensure he does't become president. They wouldn't have any affect on legislation (97-1 instead of 98-0 means the bill still passes). So you basically want Rand to make you happy but not get anything done. Some of you still think voter fraud is what prevented Ron from winning. Even without the voter fraud, Ron wasn't going to win. However,Ron didn't spearhead this movement just so Rand could be the exact same kind of politician and get the exact same results. A Paul as President is much more effective than a Paul as Senator or Representitive. Like it or not, national defense is in the Constitution, and anyone who votes "against funding for the troops" as they'll phrase it, is not going to win anything. Rand has a chance to be the guy with the authority to bring the troops home immediately and reduce the need for so much defense spending. If he makes a symbolic fiscal vote against this spending now, he will never have a chance to be the guy who can single handedly reduce that spending later.
If you can't stomach playing this game, then you are wasting your time here. You need to be preparing for a violent revolution. I doubt this game (voting for freedom) is going to work, but I'd rather try it, than resort to violence immediately. In my opinion, Rand Paul making this sort of vote is part of this political game, and part of a last ditch effort to solve this problem through the democratic system, before this results in a violent revolution.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).