Comment: It's all about staying IN

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It's all about staying IN

Many are called, but few are chosen, and in many of our cases, the GOP did not choose me.. I chose the GOP because that's where Ron Paul was politically even though he was an EXCEPTION.

It's up to us to solidify the gains we make, such as hemp legislation, and apply what we claim to be the economic, national benefits into the products that will enable us to continue to materialize OUR message.

Rand is an EXCEPTION being in the senate where it's a whole new ball game from a presidential campaign.. What we agree with Rand, we shoud promote that, write letters.. campaign. What issues we do not agree with Rand, do our best to understand why.. which we may not all agree, for example,, as a National delegate who signed a loyalty oath, it was Rand's annoucement that woek me up and helped me stay in the game.. I didn't understand the loyalty oath when I signed it in the county clerks office.. to me, whatever I had to do to get Ron Paul the nomination.. I had no idea they would use that to remove me from my seat/ and for me to lose the nomination. So for me, Rand's endorsement was a wake up call.. and I believe that is true for many of us who woke up that the GOP didn't want us and intended to remove us over Romney.. which they didn't even like.. it was as if they were fighting to lose to Obama. That's MY experience.

So, I try to listen to Rand and understand why he is doing what he is doing.. least we forget, Boenher just purged Amash and others from a committee because they have issues with us.. so we are in for a FIGHT and you have to stay in the game to win.. so Rand is doing what he has to to stay in the game, and I would hope more of us would get in the game and help.