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Comment: I highly disagree

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I highly disagree

NO ONE is saying people should work for FREE. No one.

What we are saying is that a strict accounting is ALWAYS in order.

I have been around long enough to learn of the great Harry Browne and his Libertarian Campaign steel funds for personal gain.

And frankly, the NEXT step in the R3VOLution OUGHT to be about

Bottom-up Funding but it MUST be about full disclosure Auditing too.

It was great that we came together to fund a Blimp.

It was great we came together to fund Revolution Pac and the RP Campaign via Money Bombs.

But NEVER should we NOT go through the books and question charges.

The MORE bottom up directed is Great, the more bottom up AUDITED is great too. We have EVERY right to question and get straight factual answer.... you can hold the "HOW DARE YOU's" for your children.

We will go line by line in the RP campaign and we SHOULD. We will question and bicker over spending and its effectiveness.

And most of all, Tom Woods and Gary Franchie and all the rest SHOULD WELCOME this... the minute that they don't, is the minute that the spontaneous bottom up funding will slowly stop.

HERE is the Political Campaign of the future:

Campaign puts out a list of things it wants to do and asks for direct funding of that thing to its supporters. No BLIND DONATE HERE Checks.

Next, the campaign of the future should always ASK its supporters to list the things it wants it to do. Then supporters can individually support THAT thing, again no blank DONATE HERE checks.

And here is the big unrealized secret in Politics: You think the funding is great now, wait until the first Political Campaign does this --- The More Atomized and Bottom-up the financing, THE MORE MONEY that will come in. The Campaign will be directed, literally, from below.

Take two people who Run for Potus in 2016.

Make one RAND PAUL who raises money the way he always has.
Make the other Judge Napolitano who simple PUTS OUT A LIST of what he wants to do and ALLOWS supporters to ADD to the LIST and support that directly. Supporters want the Judge on National TV ad well before election day and well before anyone "with any sense" would advise it, the supporters put their money where THEY think its best used. Supporters feel a blimp is needed, they fund a blimp.

Chaotic? Wasteful? Maybe. But it taps into the emergent properties of the "wisdom of crowds" and will out perform old methods of Supporters give a blind check donation where they DO NOT get a say in how its spent.

So, AUDIT our freedom fighters YES! Spare us the "HOW DARE YOU's".


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