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You can have your movement

GOOD LUCK I wish you all the success!!! MORE POWER TO YOU!!!

I personally don't think you have a chance in hell.. but I support you and hope I am wrong. I'd love to eat crow for you. Serve it up, the sooner, the better!!! PLEASE LIBERTY MOVEMENT WIN!

Meanwhile, I'm going to remain in the GOP, because that's where Ron Paul, Rand Paul, C4L, and many ex-libertarians and Indy's like me, who see the genius of getting into the GOP and working together to restore the republic.. with our rEVOLution as RepubliCANs.

You can fight me all you like.. it's not even funny how you call me a neocon, yet, you and the Neocons are on the smae page.. they don't want us in their GOP wither. We'll news for ALL of you.. we're in to win, and I believe we will achieve liberty for all long before you do, and despite your opposition and helping the Neocons from the outside.

So, let's see what your liberty movement comes up with? Got any candidates? Events? Resolutions? Money Bombs? Inniatives? anything besides a OWS like circus?