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Comment: It is actually rather mindblowing

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It is actually rather mindblowing

Honestly, you have to do the math with him to get it. I think I went through 10 parts of his demonstration last night before my eyes began to cross and I went to bed.

This actually is a demonstration of some quite amazing facts about numbers and how they are related. And its astonishing how it all relates to patterns we see everywhere and in everything. That it's the universal patterns of all we know and see. And also facinating how then it can be used in designing, engineering, and predicting.

More than that, it's interesting about the symbolism. It is highly possible that this is where NWO's pyramid with the power position of the eye (9) paired with the 3 and the 6 and also the well known Mason symbol stemmed from the understanding of this relationship within numbers. The infinity symbol seems directly related to the never ending spiral that forms between the 12457 and 8. I find it interesting that also (not that they talk about any of this in the video) that 666 (number of the devil) equals 18 which also in turn equals 9. Crazy but interesting.

And I do find it a compelling argument for the world created through intelligent design for many reasons. I honestly don't know a person could watch this, understand this, and not be blown away by it.

So thank you for sharing the video.