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Comment: I have to disagree.

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I have to disagree.

The main problem with the economy is that there are too many floaters and not enough rowers. About half of society or perhaps even more are sucking on the government teat while the productive members of society are struggling to keep the system afloat.

The deficit is the millstone around America's neck. There is no shortage of revenue, there is excessive spending by government. We need to immediately eliminate about 30% of federal government and state government spending. Our bloated military consumes over 90% of all collected tax revenue. We need to immediately reduce military spending by about 80%, by closing all of our overseas bases. The reality is that our military need not be much more than a few atomic subs around the world armed with nuclear weapons. That could be funded for around a few billion dollars per year. We need to eliminate government unemployment insurance and the other social welfare programs that encourage folks to not row. If someone screwed up their life through gluttony, drug abuse or other poor choices, they should pay 100% of the price, not the taxpayers. If that means them rotting in the street, perhaps that would be a good warning to others thinking of following that same path. All this could be accomplished by simply following the US constitution.