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It would be irrational if I agreed that two people having sex can only be for procreation or in a "perverse" way. According to that logic, anyone having oral sex, mutual masturbation, etc... fall into the same category. If that is your definition of immoral, then fine, I cannot argue. I don't agree, and we are not the only species that has sexual encounters outside of having babies, but we will never agree.

Thanks for your agreement on the contract breech idea. Actually, adultery is a crime in the UCMJ, punishable by imprisonment, loss of rank, etc... In the civilian world it has legal consequences in terms of said breech of contract. For instance, if one spouse commits adultery, they have breeched the contract and therefore may not be entitled to and even split in a divorce, etc.... Although, lawyers have figure out how to get around even that nowadays.

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