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What is your goal?

Ask yourself. Would you be here today if it wasn't for Ron Pauls honesty and voting record? I sure wouldn't. If I saw a 97-1 vote on this bill it would tell me that maybe Rand is an honest man. All I have to judge Rand is his record. Did you grow up with Rand? Go to school with him? Were you his best man at his wedding? Are you the Godfather of his children? Just how are you judging him that makes you think he's such a "good" guy? All I have is the pudding and the proof is in it. Could I be wrong? Sure I could but I'm just looking at the facts.

Maybe you and I should have supported Romney? He probably supported the Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA, the execusion of Americans, a runaway Federal Reserve, Illegal Wars, NAFTA, The Military Industrial Complex, The United Nations, Obamney Care, and everything else because he wanted to get elected just so he do a full circle and look out for our interests and do great for the cause of Liberty?????