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Comment: What if "infinite detention" in NDAA is a ruse?

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What if "infinite detention" in NDAA is a ruse?

I've read elsewhere that Rand's vote was likely to secure the Mike Lee extra language that controls/softens the infinite detention / aggression on US citizens stuff in the NDAA, which should at least pique civil liberties folks.

But when you are asking for $525 Billion, maybe it's nice to have some trivial bargaining chips that you can concede or forfeit because in the end you really just want all of that money.

Maybe in the light of that kind of pay day, you throw around some baubles that get the people sort of paying attention to get angry and then think they get a victory with some last minute concessions on some language, and then they get every single vote without a single protest.

Maybe they just want the money and they are just screwing with us with the threat of authorizing jail time.

I don't really know. Just thinking out loud...

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