Comment: I can't say that any of this shocked me.

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I can't say that any of this shocked me.

I don't mean that in a negative way. On the contrary. It seems to me that there are patterns like this everywhere. I'm a musician, and also work/teach in a music store. I showed this to one of the other guys and he said "How did we not know about this?" He's followed along with my conversion to libertarianism, so it was easy to point out how many times humanity has had the wool pulled over its collective eyes. This was in reference to the switch from 432hz to 440. We were aware that not everyone in the world uses A=440, but we didn't know why.

I'm also a Christian, so to me, it seems not only likely, but obvious that there are truths like this all over the place. An atheist with a scientific bent might say the same.

That having been said, I wish the site in the link was a little nicer. One of the videos in particular didn't seem like it was done by someone who knew much about music. Or if they do, they made it seem like they don't.

This has me considering convincing my band to start using 432 just to see if we would notice any difference.