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Here are some suggestions for the text of such an ad.

.I believe in truth,freedom and peace.
.I believe in the golden rule.
.I believe that it should NOT be the responsibility of U.S. troops to police other sovereign nations.
.I would not send my son or daughter to police other sovereign nations,so I don't believe it is right to send other people's sons and daughters to do this.
.I believe that people should be free to live their lives as they wish,as long as they don't hurt others.
.I believe people can affect change more effectively and positively in their local communities than politicians in D.C. can.
.I believe that sound money that keeps its value is better than inflated money that loses its value and makes the cost of living go up constantly.
...........Just wanted to start this with a few points in no particular order and if we work together I think we could condense all our shared principles into a short ad.Please add your suggestions/points and I will add as well.Hopefully,we can get one or several great short ads out there and make our shared principles spread nationwide and worldwide.