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Moving from recent past to now and on into the future can be the goal of any of these competitive information products in the market anarchism that exists to date, imperfect, but as never before reaching so many who previously have been excluded.


It is not THE CONSTITUTION that focus of LIBERTY or ideas of LIBERTY reside, rather, the concept of LIMITED instead of UNLIMITED government POWER being the conditions that exist IN LIBERTY or simply, and easy to see, the battle is between monopoly (criminal) power and competitive (non-criminal) power; and THE CONSTITUTION was written (absent The Bill of Rights) to be a Monopoly Power or Consolidated Government: not a limited government.

So the courage of Ron Paul refuting the established ignorance of THE CONSTITUTION can be a half measure, aiding those people who are criminals in government, because it was, in fact, criminals in government who corrupted the concept of limited government with this present CONSTITUTION. In other words: following the leaders who champion THE CONSTITUTION, instead of knowing the actual battle between criminals seeking criminal aggressive destructive power versus non-criminals seeking defensive, productive, power, is LOST, if the followers follow ONLY a constitution that was originally ratified fraudulently. Note: The Bill of Rights was the last ditch effort by the non-criminals to reign in the criminals. If you don't know that, you may, as a non-criminal, be better off, yourself, and a better champion of Liberty, if you, as an individual, understand those facts - see Patrick Henry for examples against THE CONSTITUTION.

"They" are not attacking "Us". In the sense that any validity, any authority, none, no authority is supported by accurate information, when "They" (the criminals in government, or the dupes in government) say anything about "They", since those ignorant or false people are "They", so nothing that "They" say earns any authority, or any validity, because it is exactly those people who constitution "They", as those people are the criminals and dupes that infect our political economy, or our social networks, or our lives In liberty, world wide. It is, each one, each individual person, each having a name, each living in a place, right now, those people, currently commanding positions of supposed "government authority", who are THE PROBLEM, and their "solutions" will always be THE PROBLEM, because their INTERESTS are ONE, and their ONE interest is to steal POWER and then us the stolen POWER to steal more POWER from the victims.

So the courage of Ron Paul refuting the claims that 12 foreigners from Saudi Arabia attacked "us" on 911 are, again, half measures.

It is as well known now that the guilty people who caused all the damage on 911 are free from prosecution as it is well known now that politicians lie to get in office, with few exceptions.

That battle, if potential victims of further willful injury are to learn from those confrontations on "Public Access Television", during the "Presidential Debates" where Ron Paul stood out and challenged the Monopoly Viewpoint of "Terrorists" attacking "Us", because "They" hate our "freedoms", is a battle of accurate information versus willful fraud.

Now, please, this is where we the people who almost know better aught to take the battle right up to where the rubber meets the road on the front lines, instead of half measures that end up aiding and abetting the criminals in government.

The battle is between accurate information, invented by, produced by, improved by, or maintained by honest, productive, people, or We The People, or US, against all enemies foreign and domestic, which are all those people who are currently in the process of perpetrating an ongoing fraud, where the ongoing fraud is actually a legalized fraud, and in order to keep that fraud going there MUST BE effective threats of violence backed by actual violence also perpetrated by those same numbers of criminals in government.

If the Ron Paul REVOLUTION does not "GET IT" fully, then Liberty is lost, and time is running out.

Thanks for the video, but is it entertainment, and has the snow ball of Liberty stopped the progress down the hill?

Was the movement that gained currency reaching for critical mass diffused with the resent election?

If not then it seems to me that the new products, the new inventions, the new competitive offerings offered to We The People aught to be as accurate as possible because that is the GRAVITY that forces the snow ball down the hill, and We The People are gathered up into it exponentially, reaching for critical mass, and "sound bites" and nice feeling, entertaining videos, half done, won't be, or is not, or does not constitute that fuel, that gravity.

There were reasons why Ron Paul could not lay it all out, in no uncertain terms, fully, as in full disclosure, because the POWER to destroy the free market trading of accurate information is very powerful right now, so even half measures are nearly impossible to get past the censors that count, those falsehoods that still reside in between our own ears.