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Comment: Not a Science or Technology Presentation.

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Not a Science or Technology Presentation.

This has been posted in the science and technology section but is a presentation of neither. If you find something like this, "Vortex math", and think it's interesting enough to share, please try harder to find a credible presentation. For those of us with real math and science backgrounds, the presenters lack of understanding of basic math makes it obvious that he's not up to the task of teaching grade school arithmetic, let alone giving an insightful lecture on a breakthrough that could revolutionize our understanding of everything.

Here's two things he said about math that are completely wrong:
1. There are only 9 single digits known in all of math.
2. There are only 4 operations in all of math.

Even if you don't know why both of the above assertions are false, you still should have been more than suspicious of the guru, let me fill you in on the great secrets of eternal everything chatter. If you wanted to post this in the sci-fi & fantasy section, fine. But you're wasting people's time by misrepresenting the presentation.

Correlation does not prove causality!