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Comment: Deja Vous

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Deja Vous

Its funny, the "lets all get behind Rand" crowd is using the exact same arguments as the "lets all get behind Romney" crowd did during the primaries.

We don't need to consolidate our support around any one person at this point, and doing so would be detrimental to the movement. Rand isn't "carrying" the popular vote here on the DP any more than Romney was "carrying" the popular vote in the republican primaries. What makes you think that solidifying his "nomination" will somehow get everyone to fall in line?

We need to focus on how we will fight the machine, not who will be the symbolic figurehead when we do. That decision can safely be decided later.

How do we ensure a fair vote count? THAT is something we need to sort out sooner rather than later as it will have a much more significant impact on our success.