Comment: The GOP is not dying

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The GOP is not dying

The GOP's imbedded Democratic Party wing AKA Neocons, are dying and leaving, and they are now trying to position the GOP to disolve into their beloved Democratic Party and give us the one party, the the People's Republic of Communist China, on a UN/ global banking level. Those who understand what RESTORE THE REPUBLIC means have joined the GOP and continue the good fight.

The Liberty Movement, has Franchi's RevPac now petitioning to DRAFT THE JUDGE FOR PRESIDENT. I'm not into MSM, they are all talking heads to me, and not what I see as presidential material,, but I felt the same way about Reagan..RNAD VS THE JUDGE And I can't get over the feeling that elections are rigged.. so it's all about process.. and on a local level, where you can actually see some of your work in a short time compared to say hemp farming, which is national, and I've been interested in since 93.. the GOP will arise as Ron Paul RepubliCANs contine the good fight, from a mantal of GOP deserved shame, to a party those who dare not get dirty can safely join once we've done the dirty work for them, in the name of rEVOLution.