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I am a pianist and teacher by trade. My whole life has revolved around music since I was born. My grandfather taught at Stanford and I have university level professors throughout my family. Some of what is being discussed here makes sense, some doesn't. The happy thoughts experiment was done by a Japanese scientist many years ago. You can see it in the documentary "down the rabbit hole". There is no evidence that our thoughts influence the shape of matter. However, different frequencies influencing matter does occur all throughout nature. The sacred geometry definitely does exist. Try tripping to DMT sometime.

Different tunings have been used for hundreds of years. Some orchestras used A440 as early as the 18th century. It wasn't some magical thing that happened in 1939. There is also no evidence that I have seen showing the Rockefeller family was implicit in this international adoption. As a pianist I can tell you some piano players cant stand any other tuning than A440. This may be because it is what our ears are a custom to, but I have never felt some ethereal feeling when playing on a broadwood tuned to A432 as well. I can also tell you I still get incredibly emotional when listening to Beethoven's 7th symphony with an orchestra that is tuned to A440. This is true for tons of music. Dissonance in general is a big part of music and it's effect on us emotionally. Good music is a constant push and pull between consonance and dissonance. Mozart was the master of the appoggiatura, and it is in part why his music is so affective.