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Ignorance is in demand?

"Is the sun free energy? fishyculture has a vortex math post and someone commented that there is no such thing as free engery. I was going to say something about the sun, but figured I didn't know enough to open my mouth and start typing."

Any word can mean anything one second and then the opposite the next second when dealing with pathological liars.

So, suppose you happen to find someone who isn't a pathological liar?

Then you sit down and have a chat on the subject of Free Energy?

What happens?

No lies.

Words are found among those who discussion Free Energy where the meaning is mutually beneficial, because the meanings of the words are understood by each person in the discussion, and there is no effort to produce, or even reproduce, deception.

So here is another topic that can prove the point.

What is the meaning of Free Energy?

I've run into many people, on this subject, whose minds close up like a Federal Reserve Account Book during an audit.

What is Gravity?

Many people confuse the meaning of Free Energy with basic physics such as Newton's law of the conservation of energy.

A term pops up in discussion of Free Energy called Perpetual Motion.

The discussion may go like this:

Danny, I have this idea, let me show you, here, what do you think will happen if I move this solid round mass inside this circular tube that runs around an axis.

Joe, my old boss tried that perpetual motion stuff, it does not work, it goes against the law of the conservation of energy.

No, that isn't what I am asking, and what do you think an atom does, or a planet does, like the moon, circling the earth, or the earth circling the Sun, what do you call that?


Hello? Is there anyone at home? Hello? What do you call it when the Earth travels around the Sun for billions of years?

Discussions are rare, for some reason.