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I'm taking a different path

I might stack some if I had the money. I might even think it had to collapse too but I've stumbled on another way out and I think it has potential.

It's a rather long full explanation but the very short version is that we (the people) create a new society of non-corporations that make locally based (as much as possible) products via community lending (that completely avoids all interest, ads and politics, providing lasting products that don't need replacing so that people can buy and pay off their life's needs and retire in 8 years. I know it sounds far fetched but it's very do-able with those cuts and if so, it will turn an 'employer's market' into an 'employee's market' so employees will have the say in wages again. Should the employers not want to or be able to pay those wages, they can automate or go under. It also ties product prices very closely with wage rates so 3rd world countries with low wages will have the same standard of living as 1st.

However, back on the current problem in the current world of taxes... I was questioning the practice of taxing wages in the face of not taxing bank transactions. The banks' transactions are tax free and amount to dozens of times the wage totals. Why can't we replace all taxes (from bicycle to fishing to property to fica) with one simple tax of miniscule percentage (0.5%) on those that create our money?