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Exactly what I was saying!!

Yes! People in general with just a ad, though they can be moved by it without some sort of call to action or follow up.. Then they won't do anything. We need a direction a place that can be displayed at the end where these people can know what it means to have these principles in there life, bills that could help this, contact links to there senators, and already scripts for emails and phone calls if they choose to do so. And then of course helping grassroots efforts. Do you have any tech experience?? I would love to get this done as a whole group. Helping eachother I have some knowledge of creating a website and the resources to pay for it, but I'm not a graphics guy, nor am I advanced creator.. But, awesome advice I would even like to see again another bring the troops home march on DC like you suggested! And that's exactly what we could do with the website and the spreading of the message with the tv ads.. This time it would be thousands in D.C with it being advertised to millions the website and the message over tv. Would you like to help with all this? I'm going to need all the help I can get.. Lol this is a pretty big task and I invite all to help with it. Where going to need be spreading the word of the ad via Internet as well, so we can get publicity from it being on T.V. and via Internet. Send me a email if you could