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Knock knock.

Can't you comprehend the direction of a conversation? I'm not going to spell out every little thing to you. I will just reiterate so maybe you can come out of your feeble little mind just a bit and get a clue.

Corporations should not even exist let alone have the special ear of our government. And for you to say that corporations and other special interests do not have more say in our government shows your ignorance. Corporations and special interests should have no say in our government.

You say the lobby is bribery which may be true but the fact is that no one should be able to lobby the government for special attention. Whether it is bribery or not is mute. How can politicains pander to special interest and be constitutional much less libertarian.

Mass media has long been used to sway the masses. I doubt you understand that since you are very narrow in your thinking and seem to fixate on just certain aspects. I have not once complained that I don't have an audience yet that seems to be your angle. So instead of trying to pry open your little mind and injecting the ability for comprehension I will just say that the abuse of power by mass media is perhaps the number one cause of this countries demise.

And you again can't stop fixating on a single way of thinking. If you want to hear views on this or comments on that then you can watch The View, listen to Alex Jones or watch some other talk show or documentary or whatever. But when news anchors and dipshyt sportscasters start pushing their opinions then that is intended for one purpose only. But you can't see the difference. And I mean YOU.

I'm not even going to address your condescending straw man argument. Oh, and I'm sure that your representative listens just as much to you and your special interests as he does for GM, Exxon Mobile, Dupont, Goldman or any other fake people.

If you understood that your vote IS your freedom of speech then perhaps you could understand the jest of my argument. But I don't think you are capable. If you weren't such a jerk I would try to educate you better.