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'Liberty' matters

Other than the people voting for a liberty candidate, no one wants to go on record about how they voted.

The people with their finger in their ears, humming loudly, and trusting the voting machines to count things correctly still feel like admitting who they voted for in a verifiable way is somehow not productive, and that hidden ballets protect them from discrimination, etc. But those people aren't voting for liberty candidates, they are voting for whomever their news network of choice tells them is best.

But that is irrelevant, because we only need to verify the vote for OUR guy. And, luckily, the people voting for liberty candidates are significantly more willing to admit that out loud, especially if they can see it will help the cause.

Making sure that the desk is clearly marked in a way that makes it totally obvious which people we are hoping will stop in and chat is important. The liberty group would likely ignore a desk that was just some politician, or poll asking pointless questions so they can make some slanted news report based on trends and statistics and other such nonsense.