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Is there anyone at home? Hello? What do you call it when the Earth travels around the Sun for billions of years?"

But Joe, I believe the earth has been traveling around the sun for around 6 thousand years. I believe Genesis 1 is an account of 6 literal days. But I suppose thousands of years is OK for perpetual energy as well? I’ve heard before though that the universe is unwinding. I don’t know if that has anything to do with this.

I was thinking about your comment earlier to me, sometime in the recent past, about ocean waves and the moon creating energy. That seems like free energy as well.

“Discussions are rare, for some reason.”

You don’t know me, but I am back at the place where I am not sure if you would want me to continue to have an equitable exchange with you, probably worse than usual. Can you just tell whether that is still a good idea? I cannot guess for myself and I do not want to be a bother or a hanger-on-er.

A funny story: When my doc put me on my med to start with it was the lowest adult dose. By the end of the week I was hugging men at church. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until one of them didn’t hug back lol. You know, there are some people you hug, and some you would never hug…well, I was hugging one I would never hug lol. I was also pulling out in traffic in an unsafe way. Doc said too much serotonin lowered my inhibitions too much; i.e, my sense of well-being was “too well” for my own good. So I went on a child’s dose. That seemed just right. But I found myself thinking I did not have to do anything, and it didn’t matter a bit to me. But I knew that wasn’t right either. So about the middle of October we decided I could try to take it every other day instead of daily. Now I am at the point where I don’t think anyone likes me. Imagine that…from hugging everyone to thinking no one likes me. I know in my mind that is ridiculous, but I cannot help the feeling. And now I know I need to do stuff, but I cannot make myself do it. Staying bed feels safe. I tell you it is a big mess, but I went back onto the adult dose so hopefully I will cut it just in time before I start hugging every one.

Joe, I know this is serious business and the friend bus left a long time ago, but I really do like to talk to you, and I really like to learn from the things you have to say. But I know we have gone over everything and it is pointless to go back over the same things continually. I was reading Speer and commenting, but quit doing that. That was a new subject though. Is there something you want to discuss? I have been wanting to ask you about abortion. I had been talking on another post defending Rand on his Life at Conception co-sponsored legislation and have come up with some questions. Is that a topic you care to discuss?