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I know why christians celebrate easter.

They think they are celebrating His resurrection.

Your first sentence is absolutely true "Messiah became our PASSOVER." And then you talk about keeping easter in violation of His commandments. This is common and quite honestly ignorant. No offense.

Your salvation did not come from His resurrection, it came from His sacrifice. You are not commanded to memorialize His resurrection, you ARE commanded to memorialize His Sacrifice. The Old Testament Passover is exactly a forerunner to His Passover sacrifice and He is the lamb of our salvation.

Easter is a pagan fertility rite and pagan worship is forbidden by Scripture. There is no Scriptural "Easter Story". I know what "christians" think and why they do what they do. That is why I hesitate to call myself "christian" because in invokes thoughts of Sunday worship, Easter, Christmas and any number of other non Scriptural and pagan practices that will be the demise of many.

"There is a way that seems right to man but the end thereof is destruction." "There are many who will come to Me in that day saying Lord, Lord and I will say get away from Me you who practice lawlessness, I never new you."