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because any "well above genius" (why not just say "prodigy"?) would know that such tests aren't very accurate measurements of one's intellect (in all its forms). I also like how you paint yourself as some sort of victim because of your "genius". I notice you cop this attitude whenever it looks like you're on the losing side of a given debate (OWS comes to mind). Don't worry though, it's a rather common ego defense mechanism-- perfectly normal.

Should I go around acting all superior because of the number I got on *my* IQ test, or the fact that I skipped three grades? No, because neither serves as accurate indicators of how much knowledge I possess, much less on which subjects. Simply pointing out how smart you are (or believe you are) also doesn't work in place of facts, neither do variations of "you just don't get it". Both simply reek of arrogance and closed-mindedness-- something I'd like to think you're above.

Personally, I think you are quite an intelligent person, but that doesn't mean I don't think you're trying to see meaning where there is none in vortex math.

Going down rabbit holes can be fun, but it's good to come up for air every now and again, know what I mean?

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