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fiscal cliff

as much as I'd love to see him voted out of the seat by his own party, I think I'd prefer to see it all happen after the fiscal cliff "disaster" is over.

republicans are going to cave big time, and we want to be able to pin it to them for being spineless weasels. throwing out the speaker of the house right now will create just enough smoke and mirrors that when they cave in and break their promises to their constituents, the news will be on the rebellion within the party, and the cockroaches will be able to use the chaos as cover and avoid some of the accountability for whatever stupid decision they are planning on making as the cliff approaches.

I want the focus to stay on current speaker of the house, along with all of the other current players so that when they all play their grand-standing game and then cave on their promises they will have no finger to point. Sometimes you have to just let them fail so you are justified when you replace them with a new speaker, and I think this is one of those times.