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That's ok

I'm not suggesting that this should be done in every precinct. That would be a huge undertaking, and would have little additional value above and beyond selecting a few hundred precincts where it is feasible. We only need enough to show a pattern, not overturn the election results. Its not about the 2014 results, its about making 2016 a more fair playing field. We only need enough evidence of obvious vote counting fraud that a facebook post will be convincing enough to make the sleeping giant question the validity of the polls.

This may not work in an area such as yours, so the energy should be invested in other areas. I'm in St Charles, MO. We had our proposed Liberty Chair unlawfully arrest at our caucus this year. I'd be willing to bet that every single person in the liberty group here would happily go on record, officially to get their vote to count in 2014, especially if they knew that the overall goal was to prove that the other guys are cheating. I bet there are some precincts in maine, iowa, nevada, alaska, and idaho who are in the same boat. Certainly there are enough places where this scenario is feasible that we could shine a light on the problem.

I looked over your proposal, and something along those lines is probably necessary in order to actually repair the voting nightmare that is the current US ballot system. But, as soon as you say "it starts with an amendment to the constitution" you have to realize that you have set yourself up for failure. Nothing "starts" with an amendment to the constitution. Amendments are impossible to pass without popular support, which requires people to actually care. No one actually cares right now because the media isn't in their face telling them to care, and there is no obvious, undeniable, indisputable evidence of a widespread problem.