Comment: We have video proof of you

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We have video proof of you

We have video proof of you scumbag; He meant what he said when he said it. He can quit being phony and evasive. He's only exposing the true colors of what he's become, and those colors are that of a bankers' puppet. I think when he found out that having a central bank was the only way that D.C. could maintain its socialist welfare/warfare programs, he changed his tune. A central bank is a necessity for all authoritarian governments. It's in the communist manifesto. In order to spend beyond what it takes into the treasury they must have a central bank to print up the phony money(debasement) when the bills are due, and without it, they would be forced to live within their means. Now, let's get this audit underway so we can reveal to the rest of the general public what this monstrosity really is, and what it is, is a banking cartel that undermines the sovereignty of the people.