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If they're good employees who work hard

and if the corporate employer is making plenty of profit, I would say they should make enough to live on with enough leftover to put into savings. Just how much should a CEO who sits in a nice private office, never works up a sweat and enjoys all the expensive perks supposed to make? Twice as much as the laborers? 3 times as much, 10 times, 100 times? In some cases they're making thousands of times as much -- and many of them prove to be dismal failures. IMO, if many CEO's had their pay cut to 1/10th of present levels, they'd still be overpaid, but at least the other employees who are hard working could enjoy a little pay increase from the CEO's pay cut. Of course, a major contributor to the problem is Fed Gov bailouts, corporate welfare, Federal Reserve dollar devaluation and heavy taxation and regulation at home. I think the general attitude toward unskilled labor is unfair, though. These companies can't operate without them any more than they can without a good CEO. Yes, they're not as valuable as more skilled employees, however, they sweat more and work just as hard and should be paid better than they are, in my opinion.