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Comment: Its about liberty, not greed

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Its about liberty, not greed

Wow, the comments on this thread are all about pointing fingers, at either the unions or the company. From what I can gather, the real killer was that hostess was in unrecoverable financial trouble, had been for a few years. On top of that, it had two separate unions to work with (the bakers and the drivers) Neither union was willing to give more than the other, so negotiation was basically at a stale mate, so the company took the easy way out ... just close the doors and blame the unions for being uncooperative. Honestly, management sucked which is why the company was in the tank, and the unions were unwilling to negotiate in order to save their jobs because neither was willing to suck it up if the other didn't make equal concessions.

It was a big mess, and there probably isn't anyone on this forum who honestly knows enough of what really happened to pass judgement, and honestly it isnt our job to do so.

But the comments on this thread arent about Hostess, so much as each person is just reguritating the talking point crap fed by the opposing viewpoints on the subject of unions.


We support peoples right to freely associate with one another, and form unions if that is in their best interest. We also support a companies right to close its doors. We support a CEOs right to make decisions about his company, including deciding to give himself a bonus of whatever number he can afford to do. We support liberty here. We believe that people should have the liberty to run their own lives, and it is none of the governments business how hostess and their unionized employees work out their problems (or fail to do so).

Hostess isn't too big to fail. We support unions' right to strike in order to get their way. WE also support a companies right to close its doors and tell them they were all stupid for striking.

But, most importantly, if you believe in liberty, you don't see the failure of hostess as a "crisis" worthy of government intervention, or new laws, or anything else that will only make everyone else pay for the stupidity that caused the downfall of this company, and cost so many employees their jobs. (but didn't take away their liberty nor their ability to go look for a new one).

People looking for government driven solutions to economic problems need to read up on Austrian economics, and realize that the liberty movement is about less government intervention, not centrally planned recovery strategies that's what the other team is all about.