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Comment: JP Morgan banned Tesla from the Media after 1919!

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JP Morgan banned Tesla from the Media after 1919!

JP Morgan bought all 25 of the major newspapers in 1915-1917 in order to "affect Policy through Propaganda". After Tesla released his Autobiography in 1919, Tesla was banned from the media. In 1962, the UN Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, BANNED all nuclear testing above ground, including Nucleo-Magnetic Spacecraft, Tesla's Lighting Capture Device & his Cosmic Motor.

Tesla specifically mentions that the "COSMIC MOTOR" he developed in 1931, used NUCLEAR MATERIAL (IN THE BLACK BOX) + SUNLIGHT (or Synthetic Sunlight, ie: 12 (X-Ray) Vacuum Tubes he describes). He also claims a "Cold Fusion" effect. The Antennae he describes, may just be a cover story for the media, after all, driving for 8 days, up to 90 miles an hour, he's going to need a radio.

1KG of RADON releases 1.21 Trillion Watts when exposed to Sunlight or a Magnetic Field. The Negatively Charged Alpha Particles are used to run his AC Induction Motor (Still used in the Tesla Motors' cars today), the Positive Gamma rays released in Beta Decay are blocked by the Lead, Black Box. He also found that Lithium is a good material, since it's 100% recyclable & 100% rechargeable. (Yes, people prescribed Lithium, are Walking Batteries!!)

(Similar Effects are described when the Arc of the Covenant was exposed to Sunlight, also theorized as the Power Source for the Egyptian Pyramids)(The combination of Lighting/Magnetic Field, hitting Radon (Emanating from the Granite interior or the Arc of the Covenant)... PLUS Water (H2O) from the Nile, releases a H (Hydrogen) atom & "Laughing Gas" (NO2).

(So I think the Egyptians thought it was so funny, that they forgot to write down how they built the things :))

July 4th, 1917, JP Morgan, Waldorf & Astors(AC360) Blows Up Tesla's Tower for $1500 in Scrap.

Tesla's last official Patents come in 1918, the Lighting Capture Device, more efficient and works according to nature, as opposed to the Franklin device that is mostly used today.,266,175-...

Tesla's Lightning Protector used "RADON", a nuclear material, emanating from Granite, to actually "CAPTURE" the Lighting. The Lightning's EMF caused the RADON to break down into a lesser nuclear material, releasing Alpha Particles. Tesla also claims in the Patent, that he could "ATTRACT" the Lighting. NASA ADMITS today, that you only need a 150 foot step-down, to Capture Lighting to THE GRID, but DENY the ability to direct lighting.

(Have you ever seen Back to the Future? With the Nuclear-Magnetic Craft (Nuclear-Ion Fission/Fusion drive), powered by a 1.21 JiggaWatt lighting strike, to go "Back to the Future"?)

(The average Lightning Strike is 1-10 Trillion Watts. If the Lighting Strikes were maintained for even .1 of a second, it converts to up-to 277,777 Kilo-Watt/Hrs)

1932 - "Tesla believed that these neutron (the Neutrino) particles were responsible for all radioactive reactions"