Comment: What About Aliens?

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What About Aliens?

The thing is, I do believe there are "extraterrestrials" that certain parts of the CIA/Military know about. I sometimes imagine what would happen if Aliens from other worlds were to come to Earth. The world would change so fundamentally it's hard to fathom. How many humans would want to go with these beings on other worlds and learn their amazing technology? What kind of natural resources could these beings open up to us? Then there's the possibility that they're aggressive, dark evil beings which is very scary.

I just sometimes wonder if aliens won't make themselves known soon. Because it's the one thing that would be truly apocalyptic and not unheard of given the number of "abduction" stories and whatnot. I used to believe that ghosts exist, but after years of ghost hunting shows, I KNOW there's some kind of truth to it. Just too much evidence has been uncovered. For years I thought 2012 would be an economic/political revolution.. but now I'm wondering if it is not the E.T. revelation that changes this world forever.

Or maybe not. :(