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You're assuming something that's incorrect. The Bible as originally written is not wrong; that does not mean that it is immune to error in being copied. This kind of stuff happens on a fairly regular basis. Of course, all our copies of the Bible are something like 98% accurate to each other, and the 2% differences have zero effect.

Regarding Daniel, it's not raising any prospect of a third class. Given that Hebrew is a tricky language, and that only two fates are actually mentioned, it's pretty safe to assume that "many" either has no effect, or that it was a simple scribal error. Not a big deal by any means - if you'll notice, none of your "contradictions" actually affect core doctrine to any degree. Here's the site I linked to earlier; it may be of use to you. :)

Gotta say, though, I'm quite impressed by your/your source's attention to detail.