Comment: You'd be laughed out of court.

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You'd be laughed out of court.

That's my whole point with this. We will never get a new investigation based on CD. It will not happen.
Chandler omits vital evidence, and continues to imply the whole building fell at free fall when we can plainly see the interior collapsing well ahead of the perimeter walls. That is either sloppy or deceptive, and a grand jury would dismiss him right there.
Here's a short list of his omissions:
1. The rotation or twist of the visible outer shell at onset.
2. The fact the building split at the crimp, with the west portion falling south and the east portion falling north.
3. The east portion fell at a slower rate than the west portion.
4. The fact his measuring point was actually falling away from the camera as well as down.
5. The fact the outer walls ended up in large slabs on top of other debris.
6. The fact some of those slabs landed inside up, while others landed outside up (major clue!).
7. The fact floor trusses were not attached to the walls in the debris pile.
And we haven't even begun to tell the jury about all the FDNY predictions the building was going to fall. You'd be lucky if the jury even calls you after submitting whatever paper Chandler submits.

Undo what Wilson did